FY-G4 Ultra 3-osý stabilizovaný gimbal


For the first camera invented in 1839, the photographer has to sit in one place keeping still for hours to get one picture taken,in 1976 JVC company released the first domestic video camera, so people realized recording the daily life by filming. However the lumbering size and poor anti vibration equipment resulted in a great deal of limitations in photography. Meanwhile Garrett Brown from USA invented the steadicam for more dynamic videos. But 20kg heavy burden confused the user its carrying. Combined with FY high-tech and machinery, the FY G4 carrying sports camera is more portable and flexible. Simple operation with only one button for mode selection, a one hand operations is feasible. Pictures and videos can be captured clearly and steadily with the FY G4 in hand. Benefiting from the power of technology, follow your heart to experience more joy and extreme sports with FY G4. More easy to record splendid memories than ever before


FY-G4 Handheld Steady Gimbal Firmware V1.11 Introduction And G4 Remote Control Introduction

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